Monday, November 27, 2017

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Author: Scott O'Dell
Genre: Traditional Literature
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     Island of the Blue Dolphins, a Newberry Award Winning story by Scott O'Dell, describes the adventurous journey of Karana and her thirst for survival, no matter the perils or hardships that come her way. Karana, a strong Indian girl,  is left behind on her island after her tribe decides to leave. Once she is faced with a new existence alone, she must face many challenges merely to survive. No matter what comes her way, wild dogs, hunters, time, Karana must find her courage, strength, and knowledge of survival to find a new way of life that makes the best of her situation. Will Karana realize how strong she is? Will her tribe find their way back to her island?

Fish in a Tree

Title: Fish in a Tree
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Fish in a Tree, an inspiring book by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, shows how Ally persevered through dyslexia and bullying to learn to read. Ally, a loving, creative girl that loves to draw, just wanted to be “smart” like everyone else. However, she wasn’t doing well because she was trying to cover up what she didn’t know. With the help of a new teacher named Mr. Daniels, Ally starts to realize she can turn the impossible to possible. Will she be able to finally read, or will she get stuck in a world of words that don’t make sense?


Title: Wishtree
Author: Katherine Applegate
Genre: Fantasy

     What I love so much about Katherine Applegate is her ability to create such heartwarming stories. There isn't a moment in Wishtree that isn't whimsical or delightful, but also emotional and real. Hearing a story from a tree's perspective was unexpected and enjoyable. Red is very insightful and sees everything, having been around for such a long time. Seeing the world through her eyes opened mine to the things we don't take the time to notice or appreciate. Because of that, anytime I walk by a tree I want to be a little more observant and open myself up to how the world sees me. This book is a lovely, sweet story that goes deeper than you might imagine if you take the time to think about it. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor

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Title: Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fantasy

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor, a mythological adventure by Rick Riordan, details the journey of Magnus Chase and his mission to retrieve Thor's hammer before Ragnarok begins, which is the end of world as we know it! Magnus is a child of Frey who has been tasked with leading a quest to retrieve Thor's hammer, which was stolen. Loki, Thor's mischievous brother who is chained up well below ground, wants to begin Ragnarok, the end of days. His thirst for power is driving him to upset the world as we know it, humans and Norse Gods alike. Magnus and his trusted groups of friends must come together, bundle their talents, and hopefully locate the hammer before the world ends. Will they succeed, and will Magnus finally realize how powerful he truly is, not because of his godly powers but because of the people he surrounds himself with?

Land of Stories - The Enchantress Returns

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Title: Land of Stories The Enchantress Returns
Author: Chris Colfer
Genre: Fantasy

I have to say it, I LOVE Fairy Tales! Any fantasy story around this topic makes my heart happy. What I love so much about this series is just how many fairy tales are wrapped up into each story. I love that in this particular telling, Sleeping Beauty's mother is Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). It is such a fun interpretation and I loved how Chris Colfer connected them. We heard from Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and the Evil Step Mother, to the Frog Prince and more. If you love this type of story you have to see how they all work together in these adventurous tales. I can't wait to dive into book 3 very soon!

The Honest Truth

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Title: The Honest Truth
Author: Dan Gemeinhart
Genre: Realistic Fiction

There is no denying the power of this book, The Honest Truth. Mark's story is beyond heart-breaking, motivating, and inspirational. What stuck with me (one of the many things) was Mark's perspective on photographs. On his journey he brings his camera to capture moments in time he wants to remember. They aren't "typical" photos though as Mark explains: "It's like, I don't know, grabbing a little piece of life. All this stuff happens, all the little moments go flying past, and then they're gone. And then you're gone...But when you take a picture, that one moment isn't gone. You caught it. It's yours. And you get to keep it." After a tough year in my life, this really spoke to me. I love the idea of capturing moments in time and keeping them close. It isn't the most beautiful photo or filter that matters, it is what moment is captured and what memory that creates!  I will look at all my photos differently now thanks to Mark and his beautiful adventure! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Fourteenth Goldfish

Title: The Fourteenth Goldfish
Author: Jennifer L. Holm
Genre: Science Fiction

I really enjoyed this book for a lot of reasons. Not only did you really love the characters, but who knew finding the “fountain of youth” could be so complicated, and related to jellyfish??I think what I connected to most in this story though, was the theme of change. Change is extremely difficult for many, including myself. I loved watching Ellie navigate change in her own life, but how change in the lives of those around her also impacted her. Even as an adult, this idea rings true. As much as I want to stop time, stop change from happening, I can’t, no one can. And what this story really reminded me of it how I shouldn’t want it to. Without change there is no progress, we don’t get to experience what comes next, good or bad, and what kind of life is that? Ellie realizes this for herself, but she helps others realize it as well, including her mother and grandfather. This book was a great reminder about how life keeps moving forward whether we want it to or not and that many beautiful and amazing things can happen because of that.