Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Marvels

     The Marvels by Brian Selznick, a beautiful story centering around the acting family 'The Marvels', takes place in London at a strange home in Spitalfields. As is typical in Mr. Selznick's stories, the story is split between two different times. In the present time, Joseph has fled his boarding school and seeks to find shelter in London with his mysterious uncle Albert Nightengale. Instead of the family reunion that Joseph anticipates, he finds his uncle to be strange and standoffish. While exploring his eccentric home, Joseph stumbles upon many things that just don't add up! Will he be able to understand his family's past and their connection to the Marvels? How will the past and the present come together to change Joseph's future? 

     I am already a huge Brian Selznick fan, so when I saw he was releasing a new book I almost squealed in delight. Not only is he an incredible story teller, but almost half of the book is told through incredible images that hold so much detail it is hard to take them all in. I also love that you never fully understand the mysteries of his stories until the end. It keeps you reading and engaged the entire way through. I thought I had the mystery, the connection between the two time periods figured out until another twist appeared. This is a story filled with great, relatable characters and has a way for you to truly enter the world of the story when you find out the Uncle Albert's house is an actual place in London you can visit! It is a must read, you won't regret it.