Wednesday, October 7, 2015


      Pluto: A Wonder Story by R.J. Palacio is another incredible story about those people who have been impacted by knowing Auggie Pullman. The main character of this story is Auggie's childhood friend Christopher. The short story details not only how Auggie and Christopher became best friends, but how their friendship was tested throughout the years. Their friendship looks very different now that both of them are finally in school and Christopher and his family have moved away. What Christopher must learn is what it means to be a true friend, and while he is figuring this out, will his friendship with Auggie survive?

     What I love so much about all of R.J. Palacio's stories is the heart she puts into them. No character is perfect, all of them have flaws, but in the end all of them rely on their hearts to make the best decision. Christopher is no different, he is a normal boy dealing with balancing friendship, being accepted, and school work. I may not have agreed with everything Christopher did throughout the story, but I understood his choices because as humans we all make mistakes. At the end of the story, Christopher finds a way to step up to the plate and show his true colors and that is all I can every ask of anyone in my life. It isn't about being perfect, it is about learning from our experiences.

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