Wednesday, October 7, 2015


     Switch, the third in a series of companion novels by Ingrid Law, continues to tell the story of the Beaumont family and their incredible Savvy powers. This time, the story focuses on Gypsy, the younger sister of Mibs, and how she develops her Savvy during a difficult time for her family. What is most shocking, is not that Gypsy develops a special power, but how her special power, and the other Savvys in her family, get switched around for a reason they can't yet understand. Will Gypsy's "switch" allow her to stop a horrible vision from taking place, or will even her amazing powers not be enough to change fate? 

     As I said above, this is the third book in the "Savvy" series. I was so excited when I learned this book would be hitting shelves because Ingrid Law has an amazing way of weaving the fantastical with the real. By this I mean that she has a great balance of fantasy, like 13 year olds developing special powers, and real life situations, like dealing with crushes, bullying, and sibling rivalry. Gypsy is a fantastic main character because she is learning how to appreciate herself throughout the story. She seems shy and unsure of herself, but as the story progresses, she learns what she is truly capable of and truly comes out of her shell. It is always fun to watch a character change in this way, and because Ingrid creates characters you love, you are invested in seeing what happens to them. This is a must read if you enjoyed Savvy, the books just get better every time. 


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