Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frank Einstein and Antimatter Motor

Title: Frank Einstein and Antimatter Motor
Author: Jon Scieszka
Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: In this great Science Fiction story by Jon Scieszka, Frank Einstein is a kid-genius and creative inventor. Most of his creations come from everyday things used in new and exciting ways. His side-kick Watson helps in ways Frank doesn't always recognize. When he is ready to submit his most exciting project yet to the Science Fair, Frank's dreams of winning are dashed when his arch-nemesis T. Edison steals his robots and friends. Will Frank find a way to get them back, or will he let T. Edison get the best of him? I loved this book because it made science fun! It is like Diary of a Wimpy kid but with smarter humor and more rich text. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves humor and wants to love science just as much!

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