Thursday, November 17, 2016


Title: Wonder
Author: RJ Palacio
Genre: Realistic Fiction


Wonder by RJ Palacio shows that no matter what you like, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Auggie Pullman wanted to be seen as normal just like everyone else. Unfortunately, Auggie isn’t normal because of a condition that caused his face to be deformed. Because of this, he is teased, bullied, and stared at. To try and fit in, Auggie goes to school for the first time ever! In the end, Auggie learns he can make friends, be kind, and be smart no matter what he looks like. I liked this book because it was filled with messages about choosing kind, standing up for those in need, and accepting everyone's unique differences. Auggie and the people around him all showed that they are human and make mistakes, but they learn from them! Jack might not have been kind when talking to Julien or standing up for Auggie in the moment, but he learned from that and became a much stronger friend moving forward.

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